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dont like the game 90% of my losses were because i got flung onto a house and couldnt get down in .09 seconds so i instantly lost at the last goddamn round 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

This reminds me of Does Not Commute!

nice game


parking fury, but it's five times sillier in every way


Nice Idea!

I ask for control

Pretty cool. Would be nice with some controller support.

really good but maybe make the controls and acceleration a bit easier


This game is pretty hard, but it's really cool !

Thanks for playing!

So fun!😀 And the sound is very cool!

Thanks, mate!

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This is great! 

Made a video for it: 

Cool, thanks for playing!

Have you ever seen the mobile game Does Not Commute? It's just like this game (minus the explosions). Love your twist on it, though.

Yes, I have! I had it in my vague memory while developing this one, but did not remeber the name of it or on what platform it was. 

why de fook the controls so wacK

also good game

as somebody who finished this game and got the ending i can say that this is about performing a delicate ballet of cars getting them all to their destinations safely.

just kidding, its an absolute crashfest.

also the hitboxes for the target areas are too small.

Hahaha, thanks for playing! Yeah, some of the hitboxes seem to be not optimal.

Cool game!

Thanks, mate!


Made a video


Thanks again, guys!


Had a lot of fun with it so it was a pleasure to play a new game from you