In this turn-based rogue-like you battle through hordes of evil monsters by recruiting and evolving your own team of deadly, but cute creatures!

Obtain creatures! Evolve! Battle!

Good luck!


1. Friendly Evolings:

1.1 Peppermint [Candy]:
•Attacks deals x1.5 damage against Devil
•Ability deals x0.5 damage to ALL enemies

1.2 Blob [Slime]:
•Attacks deal x1.5 damage against Flame
•Ability makes all enemies miss 30% for the rest of combat (stacks multiply)

1.3 Sparkle [Space]:
•Attacks deal x1.5 damage against Witch
•Ability heals one ally (improves with damage)
•Defend adds block to one evoling

2. Evil Evolings:

2.1 Devil [Evil]: 
•Attacks one evoling
•Allergic to candy
•Attacks deal x2 damage when on your team

2.2 Witch [Evil]: 
•Afraid of space 
•Heals one ally
•When alone, attacks one evoling

2.3 Flame[Evil]: 
•Doesn't like slime
•Attacks all evolings

3. Map legend:
[★] - bonus
[!] - fight
[?] - random

3.1 [★]  Bonus events :
•Optain new evoling
•Evolve evoling

3.2 [!] Fight:
•Fight a random constellation of evil evolings

3.3 [?] Random events:
•All evolings are healed
•Evolve evoling (can have negative stats)
•Sacrifice one evoling
•Optain friendly Devil evoling

4. Trivia
Block stays and stacks until the end of combat
•There is a 3% chance of a new evoling to be shiny. Shiny evolings get 50% more stats from evolve events.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen, Smartphone


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I LOVE THIS it reminds me of pokemon!

this is really cool


This game is amazing! Maybe this can be the first chapter to a even bigger game! And for the evolution abilty, maybe add a evo count for how many times a character has evolved, if it reaches the max, it will allow them to take a bigger and more powerful form!

I'm glad you liked it! I have already remade the game in another engine and really want to continue making it, because it was really fun to work on! Currently I am quite busy with my other project "Super Cable Boy", so I can't promise when, but I'm sure I'll get back to it one day. Something like a "bigger and more powerful form" will definitely be a thing!

Alrighty! I wish you well in these times and your path!

Very fun game. The battle mechanics makes it fun to strategize on who to pick and who to evolve. The game is also very difficult (or I am just bad). Overall good game

Thank you for your nice comment :)

nooo i lost at the very last battle! oh well, it was super fun to play anyway! the 'evolution' mechanic is pretty interesting! i just wish there were some healing/evolution spots just before the boss battle to prepare for it :'(

but either way, still pretty fun and interesting enough to make me want to try again! wish me luck!

Thanks for playing! I'm sure you'll get it next time! If you're lucky the '?' levels can give you a heal, but they can also force you to sacrifice an evoling, if you're unlucky. It's a high risk.

This is cute! Would you mind adding the cart to the PICO-8 BBS so that it’s available from SPLORE?


That's a good idea! I totally forgot about SPLORE

Made a video


When creating games of this genre it is easy to make the same game as everyone else. I think this game succeeds very well with keeping it original. The simle mechanics are easy to pick up and never become boring throughout the game.

Great game! - I would definitely recommend it!

I had a lot of fun with this! It was so cute and took me a few tries to beat

Nice! Congrats on beating it!


Nice game. At first I didn't understand why I wasn't able to make my last creatures evolve instead of the 3 first ones... I didn't understand they were just in the bottom of the selection screen, I just had to push the down button.

Yeah, I think many people have this issue.

You should add a symbol for that : ↓

Is this a reskin of pokemon?



I liked it! At first I thought evolving would be getting a new form/ability instead of simply better stats. Still very fun and challenging!

Love this game! it definitelly shows it greatness once you have more than one monster. Lollipop guy as tank with planet guy as healer is a killer combos. The allergies mechanic is cool too. One thing that i think is weird is the "defend" system, because you cannot really know the enemy next action. Maybe making the shield accumulative (it persist thru turns) could be a nice mechanic. Really cool game, it definitely has potential to be something bigger.

but shield is already accumulative