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This is really cool

This didn't work for me on Ubuntu 20.04
Just a grey screen and mouse pointer. Anything I can do?

Hey, there! I just updated the Linux build and tested it on Ubuntu 20.04. Can you try to download it again and report back if it is working?

I have Ubuntu 20.04 with a Radeon 5450 GPU.
I get the configuration window and then the screen with the menus (Bouyancy, Vorticity, etc) but nothing happening. I tried a few settings.

The simulation is written to run on the GPU. The Radeon 5450 came out in 2010,  it might be that it is just to old to run the shader/simulation code :( I'm sorry.

doen't launch on linux (beta) on chromebook, nor does it find the directory (witch it does exist in file manager). please fix for all linux versions

win 7    32  bits don't work

Doesn't work on OSX :/ I use bootcamp though so I was able to get it to work on windows 10, but I need to get some screen cap software for windows. Any recommendations? 

Oh, I have to look into that! On windows 10 you can just press [Windows Key] + [G] and do screen recording. It works perfectly! Unless you don't have a windows key, but you can probably start screen recording in another way.


Oh wow what a cool simulator ! LOVE IT.

Some suggestions : Export to GIF/Spritesheet, and changing color of the flame would be nice !

Thanks for this awesome simulator!

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Does this offer export options? Also... Linux version? :/

I just added a Linux build. What do you mean by export options?

Thanks for uploading a linux version! Saddly it is not working :( When I launch the application is loads a black screen, it flickers, and then nothing happens.  All I can do is press esc to return to my desktop.  Anyway you could look into that? Also my question about export options was becuase I am running linux and could not open the app to see if it gave any options to export the flame animations as png frames or sprite sheets for use in game engines like godot or billboards in blender. Let me know! Looking forward to using this on linux.


Hm, I don't have a linux machine right now. I just used the Linux build option on Unity and hoped it would work :(
Maybe I will get an WebGL version out soon, that should work on Linux, too.

I was actually playing with the idea of exporting animations to sprite sheets, too! I really want to add this features as it would make my tool so much more useful, but I don't know when I will have the time for that.

Anyways, thanks for your feedback!

Awesome! Would love to see a WebGL version and the addition of sprite sheet exports. Hope you find the time. Very cool project!

Probably a way to export video