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The cord won't fricken throw where I point it just shoots a random direction at a random velocity! Still LOVE the idea!

Don't worry, it won't be that clunky in the full game anymore.

Can't wait to try the finished thing :D

Can't wait to show it! So much has changed.


Made another video


Thanks guys! You still didn't beat it, tough...


Yeah, still got pretty far  and did it a little quicker than the first time but still couldn't see the end

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I think you were in the last, or second last level and almost made it!

I believe we got to stage 7 out of 8 this time if I counted right so almost beat it.


Made a video

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Niiiiice. Thanks man!

But it's an older version of the game you're playing. The newer one goes slowmotion when you're shooting the plug. Also you really should play this with a gamepad. It's so much better.