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Such a cool tool, really enjoyed using it! The results always come out really cool.

I have a question, are users allowed to use graphics generated in this program in projects that allow for donations? Or only in things listed as "No Payments"?
(I used some of the results I generated as a background in a character sheet I'm about to publish (not posted yet). Was going to set it to accept optional donations, but I want to ask first! If that's not okay I can change it.)

Hey there! Sorry for the late response. You can use the images generated by this program for whatever you like even if it has donations or is a commercial product! Thanks for asking!

Just came back to say thank you Sørb. I used this tool for most of the textures in my new game SUPER SUPER FUN WORLD!


Niiice, that's awesome!



I love this tool! All textures on this image are done with it (even if I edited them a bit like the wooden planks).

That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!

How does it handle alpha blending? Does it at all?

It doesn't, sorry for that.


This app produces _really_ good stuff. Even with few basic noise generators/modulators that are available at the moment, a lot can be done. My results are much, much different than i.e. things that I get out of After Effects noise generators. Inspiring stuff! :)

Thanks for sharing this gem, Soerb!

I'm looking forward for future updates.


Thanks a lot! I am glad you're enjoying it.