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can u make more player

and can u make more new ship?

Can you make a game for linux, also make the same game but with fewer graphics because in the web my cpu its at 100% maybe the gpu acceleration is disabled but when i enable gpu acceleration still the cpu high, can yu disable some effects like the shadows and make a new download zip file for linux with fewer things to make an optimization.

System Information:

- Linux Mint 20.3

- Cinnamon version 5.2.7

- Core Linux 5.4.0-91-generic

- Proccesor AMD E2-7110 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics × 4

- Memory 3.3 GiB

- Disk 501.2 GB

- Graphics Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R3 Graphics]


Please do it, i want to play it without lag at 2fps without a reason

wait, you mean you made this with SABLEAN LEAB

(cand spell lol)

sorry wot?



I've managed to drown/seal myself in one of compartments and I don't have a friend to help so rip me I guess

I dont have friend


I am so confused about what the dial thingy or the steering wheel does. all I know it that there was an arrow pointing at it for a little bit and only one the the gauge things move.

When I got stuck in a room and sat silently looking at the knots drop I noticed the background also slowed and stopped. Really nice little detail!

A fun game to play with fairly simple mechanics. Very cool :D


very good game

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very fun

This game is too confusing for my brain lol.

Really cool, like Barotrauma.  I love any moving physics 2D platformer mechanic 

fun game!

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I was crazy about this game.

I needed a lot of consentration to control 2 characters at the same time 😂😅 and I got 1113 NM!!! OMG! How I did get it 😳

I am looking forward to the new version and I will definitely buy it. 

Good luck to you guys and keep creating good games!!!!


Woaaaaa, you're not supposed to control 2 characters at once! That's crazy!
Congratulations on this very high score and thanks for playing :)

Also thanks for making a crazy game that drives me crazy! 😂😂😂


why do we need friends :(


when something bad is happening it shakes so much and i have no idea what im doing also please make a singleplaye

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there is something wrong I can not start up the game and also last time I somehow strat it now but I couldn't even move or interact with anything please fix this for me


i have no frend so i drown make a single player with stuff happening slower pls


that moment when i knew, i need friend

Does this game have a discord server?


could you make/add your new game your making to mac os

hey the doctor 123,

does the browser version work for you on macOS? For the next release we will check if we can provide a macOS version as well :)

yea the browser version works. btw your the only dev ive seen reply how strang


we all live in a rusty submarie 

rusty submarine

rusry submarine

do doo do



(1 edit)

can you update unity sources please :)  

I think this game has a rusty submarine doesnt it ? Looks cool 

I like it. unfortunately didnt have anyone to play it with ;-; but i see the appeal and the management is fun and polished. Great job.


submarine completely desintegrated :)


Wow, that's crazy far! Nice job!

Thx :) was very hard but is so funny 



so niiice



how do you start coop?im trying to with my brother but its not doing anything


You can play coop right from the start.
The controls are written on the website, but here they are again:

Player One:
[W][A][S][D] : move [Space] : jump [E] : interact

Player Two:
[🠔][🠖][ 🠕 ][ 🠗 ] : move [J] : jump [I] : interact

Gamepad controls:

[Analog stick] : move [A]  : jump [X] : interact

Have fun!

wow this is a cool game. didnt know you could make this type of quality stiff on itch


I got 375 with my sister! (Who is 10, mind you)

COnGrats! bro i got 200Km all alone

funny game

my sister find secret its very funny


Haha... interesting game, good job!


Wow that is really far!

Very nice game :)

There is one problem with downloadable version - some antivirus engines detects malware in the game:

the leaks spawn in unfair places sometimes

I'm confused and struggling on how these work

you can download sources


This could work well as an online co-op game! Well done mate


very cool and  relaxing thanks for making this game!!!

Thanks for playing (:

can i play online? And how?

You can't play it online with another player, sorry. You both have to be on the same computer.

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