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Please upload a MacOS version!!! I need it!

this  game is cool!

Probably the most fun I've had with a friend in a while. 

made me rage but i just kept playing,very fun game!!!

are you going to make a mac version?

really fun game! played with a friend over parsec



we worked really hard!!!

That is absolutely crazy!

I love this game!


It loves you back!

how to interact using bluenaut with controller

The controls on a gamepad are:

[Analog stick] : move 
[A]  : jump
[X] : interact 

 The blue diver is always controlled by player 2, so you always control him with either arrow keys or a second gamepad plugged in.

Made a video

please change the start button i can't play the game


You can also click on the "Press Start" text.

(1 edit)

it works but now the rest of the game is broken

What exactly is broken? Can you not play with W,A,S,D,E or Arrow keys + I,J ?

its fixed now

This game is awesome, I love playing it with my wife :)

That's nice to hear! 

wow this game is simply amazing i was looking to make something like this like barotrauma or we need to go deeper but simpler like this, is it ok if i make a similar game like this. ill credit you in the inspiration and also amazing game really fun and even better that you added co-op

Hey there! Nice to hear you enjoy the game!
Sure, you can make a similar game :)


How do I open the bulkheads? please I've been locked out of the engine room and am currently drowning


There's a group of people uploading this game on steam. Is that you? They also have a discord server:


Thanks for bringing that to our attention!
No, this is not us. It's a scam.


Interesting idea, I had no idea what I was doing though really.

Do broken wires increase the amount of coal you need to input to the machine?

they slow you when walking through them

Cool concept! I really like the game :) A bit hard to play solo after a while though, haha.

Finally got a decent score with my buddy. What's your best?

Man! Enjoyed it, fun game.

Deleted 67 days ago

*Laughs in ambidextrous*

Deleted 67 days ago

Sorry, didn't mean to offend you by being ambidextrous. Hey, here's an idea! Maybe if you stopped being an ass you could actually find a friend and wouldn't have to even worry about this game being, "impossible" solo :3

Deleted 67 days ago
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Deleted post

Sure! I always play solo with 2 Controllers, left hand (w a s d) and right hand (arrow keys))


Deleted 67 days ago

Yes. exactly that. Simply git gud.

Deleted post

My Sister and I got 51 NM


Great game! My Sis and I was having a blast

Really fun game my bro and I had a laugh

I came back just to invite my cousin over to play with me. It's quite hard to play this by myself. Better have a friend.

Very fun game! Very hard to do solo tho :(

There should be multiplayer via LAN or the internet




so saawryy

I made a video on this game (39:25)

my single player highscore is 127nm, rather impressive if i do say so c:

mines 126nm and i even used two hand

144 and second hand on the pump


I managed to get to 400 solo, 1 guy constantly on the pump is great, but after 400 you will have about 50 broken cables, and not enough manpower to fix holes


Impressively well-designed game. The ideal kind of game for a game jam - Simple, few mechanics but plays incredibly well together <3 439 NM 😎


many thanks <3


Very fun! I got to 104km

Wish I had a friend to play it with, though. :(

can there be a single player mode

its hard to get my friend to play 

You could use both hands (like putting the second player at the pump)


this is a canon event


This is a cannon event


this game is cannon


millionaire simulator :DDD



rip submarine members, even though no one cares.


well this aged nicely...


This is really hard in solo but fun, i would like to change the controls to feel more confortable!

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