You are the proud owner of a rather rusty submarine, on your way to discover the deepest depths of the ocean. Now and then there might be a small leak or another annoyance but that's what you love about your very own submarine, it's a two way relationship giving repairs and in return receiving shelter and transportation. So grab a friend and go on a journey, be careful to stay on track to not end up loosing your valuable progress. Keep your boat intact and reach places nobody has reached before.

 2 Player Couch Coop - Controller Required

This game was a submission for the global game jam 2020.


New Waters - Teaser
New Waters - Teaser

Keyboard controls:

[W][A][S][D] : move
[Space] : jump
[E] : interact

[🠔][🠖][ 🠕 ][ 🠗 ] : move
[J] : jump
[I] : interact

Gamepad controls:

[Analog stick] : move
[A]  : jump
[X] : interact

Game rules:

• The engine has to be fueled with coal from the coal machine to keep the submarine moving, if the submarine stops (0kn), the game is over!
• the direction of the rudder has to be synchronized with the direction of the compass, otherwise the submarine will move in the wrong direction!
• Leaks and broken cables should be repaired!
• Broken cables can only be repaired if the electricity is turned off.
• Water can be pumped out of the submarine with the pump.
• The coal machine, the pump, the rudder, the compass and the engine all stop working if the electricity is turned off.


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I like it. unfortunately didnt have anyone to play it with ;-; but i see the appeal and the management is fun and polished. Great job.

submarine completely desintegrated :)


Wow, that's crazy far! Nice job!

Thx :) was very hard but is so funny 

so niiice



how do you start coop?im trying to with my brother but its not doing anything


You can play coop right from the start.
The controls are written on the website, but here they are again:

Player One:
[W][A][S][D] : move [Space] : jump [E] : interact

Player Two:
[🠔][🠖][ 🠕 ][ 🠗 ] : move [J] : jump [I] : interact

Gamepad controls:

[Analog stick] : move [A]  : jump [X] : interact

Have fun!

wow this is a cool game. didnt know you could make this type of quality stiff on itch


I got 375 with my sister! (Who is 10, mind you)

COnGrats! bro i got 200Km all alone

funny game

my sister find secret its very funny


Haha... interesting game, good job!


Wow that is really far!

Very nice game :)

There is one problem with downloadable version - some antivirus engines detects malware in the game:

the leaks spawn in unfair places sometimes

I'm confused and struggling on how these work

you can download sources


This could work well as an online co-op game! Well done mate


very cool and  relaxing thanks for making this game!!!

Thanks for playing (:

can i play online? And how?

You can't play it online with another player, sorry. You both have to be on the same computer.

High score: -32 NM

Good job. Proud of you.

What did you update?

Cool game! Pretty hard tho. You should make a V2 with more content!

Maybe I will!

(1 edit)

Can't wait if you do! I can make some art and ideas!

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i got sealed in one of the rooms and couldn't fix anything

Awesome game! We had a lot of fun playing this! This should have a single player option


Great game, should have a single player option

I don't know how but it is still fun if you play alone.

Cool really hard I didn't get how to play at first.



Really neat game! I wish I was playing with someone who could grab the other character :D

Thanks for the super cute game,

A little frustrating until we figured out the mechanics (being all visual nods on how to work everything) but it was silly :D

Truly awesome game! Ideal for playing with my 11 years old sister.

Thanks a lot, getting to 580 NM took several days of training :)

That's so cool! Thanks for playing!

My GF and I had so much fun playing this game!!! Thanks for developing it!!!

Thanks for playing!

Me and my brother played this and we did pretty well. The concept of turning off power and using rocks (poop) to fuel the engine was outstanding, genius even! I think this game deserves to have a team increase its graphics and have it ported to gaming systems. The game itself was confusing at first, 'til I noticed what the steering wheel and rocks do.

Also overall, thanks for making this game! :D

This was super cute. Took me a bit to figure it out! Had a lot of fun!!

It's nice

Made a video


Its entertaining to hear, "How can you SUCC at sinking?" constantly xD


Good job

This game is so cool!

I got 177NM By myself, i really really like this game

Thanks for making it

Thanks, Felix!

nice game

wire take too long to be fixed

i love this game  please make more or add more or update or whatever! i love this game, best game ever, imma tell everyone about it. 

Hahaha thanks! We'll see about that!


Nice game got 201 NM score


I mean, it's a funny game and my first score was not bad ;) 

(1 edit) (+1)

Awesome game mate, fun to play with my  friend and by myself though complicated

Managed to get 244 NM with my friend, we got stuck in separate rooms at the end.

Thanks! 244 is already pretty good!

Yea thats the highest we got, we then tried to see if abandoning rooms would help us keep the important ones but every room seems to play an important part, which we really like. Our favourite misfortune was when we both got stuck in the enging room even though my friend was screaming at me not to come in, I though I could fix the leaks before it filled up but alas, I failed lol.

Had a good run, though due to tons of wires we could not get the leaks so rooms filled up blocking our avenue to get coal into the engine and fix the wheel. Turning the power off to get wires ended with us running out of speed so we needed it back on to pick up speed.

Somehow we are actually improving lel.

That's awesome! I like the little story this game writes. Have you found a cookie, yet?

No, but if its not super obvious we might have missed it in our frantic scampering around to fix stuff.