Play as Super Cable Boy!
Jump around and throw your cable like a grapling hook, try to keep your battery up and have some solid platforming action.

Using a gamepad is highly recommended, if not imperative!
Also plug in your headphones for some nice chip-tunes!

Controls (Gamepad):

[Analog Stick] : movement and aiming
[A] : jump, unplug
[X] : throw plug (hold and aim with analog stick)

Controls (Keyboard):

[Arrow Keys] : movement and aiming
[Space] : jump, unplug
[Left Ctrl] : throw plug (hold and aim with arrow keys)

Only play with keyboard, if you want to torture yourself. Gamepad is the way to go here!


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Made a video

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Niiiiice. Thanks man!

But it's an older version of the game you're playing. The newer one goes slowmotion when you're shooting the plug. Also you really should play this with a gamepad. It's so much better.